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Kate Middleton timeline of key dates !

Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has not been seen in public since December 25, 2023. Nor have her children. Despite recent photos and social media posts, few seem convinced that all is ok in the House of Windsor. With Prince William’s strange behaviour, King Charles out of action fighting cancer, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exiled in Los Angeles, how will the royal family deal with this most recent, and bizarre, scandal?

The Internet had become a frenzy of speculation. Where was Kate Middleton? It was a question that reverberated across social media, igniting a storm of theories and intrigue. Some dismissed it as a mere conspiracy theory, a tinfoil hat affair. But when the timeline of events was scrutinized, a chilling mystery began to unfold.

September 12, 2023, seemed innocent enough. Kate Middleton revealed a finger injury, attributing it to a playful trampolining session with her children. Yet, three weeks later, on October 5, Kate was still photographed with two fingers bandaged together, hinting at a more severe incident than initially suggested.

Then came December 22, 2023. A seemingly innocuous announcement: an official trip to Italy scheduled for early 2024. But if major surgery was on the horizon, why announce a trip at the same time?

December 25, 2023, marked the last verified public appearance of Kate Middleton and her three children. All appeared happy and healthy. However, just three days later, on December 28, an ambulance with a police escort was seen flying out of Sandringham, where the royal family had spent Christmas. No official statement explained this sudden departure.

January 17, 2024, brought more ominous news. The Princess of Wales was admitted to a private hospital in London for planned abdominal surgery. Details were kept private, with the palace choosing to withhold the diagnosis. Kate was said to stay in the hospital for up to two weeks, with all her engagements canceled until after Easter.

During her hospitalization, there were no reports of visits from her family. On January 18th, Prince William visited her, the only known visit during her stay. Reports emerged that even Kate’s inner circle was unaware of any health issues.

January 26, King Charles reportedly visited Kate, but still, there were no visits from her children or parents. Then, on January 28, a shocking claim emerged from a Spanish journalist, suggesting Kate was in an induced coma after surgery. Kensington Palace responded the next day, claiming Kate had been discharged.

Yet, there were no photos of her exiting the hospital, and February 1 brought more confusion. Palace aides slammed the Spanish journalist, unusual given their typical avoidance of rumors. February 5, King Charles announced his cancer diagnosis, overshadowed by rumors of Kate’s extended recovery time.

On February 7, Prince Harry made a short visit to London to see his father, but William didn’t visit or issue public well-wishes for Kate. Reports on February 9 claimed Kate was on the mend and had left Windsor to recover at Sandringham.

But Prince William’s statement on February 20 about the Middle East conflict notably lacked mention of Kate. Then, on February 27, he canceled an appearance at his father’s memorial service, citing personal reasons, and briefly mentioned Kate’s improved condition.

The online community erupted with the hashtag #WhereIsKateMiddleton, prompting Kensington Palace to address the rumors on February 29. A spokesperson reiterated Kate’s recovery but offered no further clarity.

On March 4, a photo emerged of Kate with her mother near Windsor Castle, but it appeared heavily edited. Six days later, on March 10, a suspicious post on the royal account attempted to reassure the public, but it only sparked further controversy.

A tweet attributed to Kate herself attempted to explain the edited photo, but it raised more questions than answers. The internet was flooded with theories, including one suggesting the photo was from November 2023.

Finally, on March 11, a vague paparazzi image surfaced, showing William in a car beside someone speculated to be Kate. Kensington Palace maintained that Kate would return to public duties after Easter, but doubts lingered.

The mystery of Kate Middleton’s disappearance continued to baffle the public. Was it a medical emergency, a carefully orchestrated disappearance, or something more sinister? With each passing day, the shadows of doubt only grew deeper, leaving the world to wonder: where is Kate Middleton? And what secrets lie hidden in the corridors of royalty?

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