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Royal Shake-Up: Experts Suggest Kate Middleton Might Grant Sister Pippa a Significant Role

Kate Middleton could give sister Pippa major royal job as her role evolves, claim experts

The Princess of Wales currently does not have ladies-in-waiting or companions like Queen Camilla, but according to two royal experts, this may have to change when she eventually becomes Queen


The Princess of Wales may choose to give her sister Pippa a top royal job when she sees her role evolve, according to experts.

Kate revealed her cancer diagnosis in March after undergoing abdominal surgery earlier this year. She said that she is having a course of preventative chemotherapy, which means she is not currently carrying out any royal duties. Before her health issues and when out and about on duties, Kate went without the help of ladies in waiting or companions. But the late Queen Elizabeth II had a series of ladies in waiting who would help out with duties while Queen Camilla has appointed several companions to assist her.

Kate with her sister Pippa at Wimbledon

Speaking on this week’s edition of True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat: Back in Time, a royal historian and the late Queen’s former communications secretary says Kate may have to rethink this approach, especially when she becomes Queen.

It comes as the show discussed the often-overlooked ladies in waiting who have served female members of the Royal Family over the years. And Royal historian Kate Williams said: “I think traditionally, we might expect Catherine to appoint her sister Pippa, because Catherine is so famously close to her family. She doesn’t have companions because she’s so close to her mother and her sister. I think we might possibly expect that Pippa might be someone she might appoint.

Kate out on an engagement last year

“But then, of course, Pippa has her own life. Three children, and a busy life of her own. It’s a fascinating question. And the role is definitely evolving at the same time. It’s evolving, but the job of a monarch and a consort isn’t getting any smaller. The letters, the correspondence, the emails are growing every day. So when Catherine becomes Queen, the levels of tours, the levels of letters, the level of receptions, will still require this assistance. So I think she will have to appoint some ladies in waiting.”

Meanwhile, Ailsa Anderson, former communications secretary to Queen Elizabeth, explained: “The Princess of Wales currently doesn’t have any Ladies in Waiting or companions. I think when she becomes the Queen, she will possibly rethink that. It’s actually quite nice to have somebody who you’ve known and trusted to be by your side in those big events because when you’ve always got to be on show.

“Catherine is the most globally recognised woman, probably on the planet. Everything you do, everything you wear, everything you say is, is massively over-scrutinised. It must be nice to have some downtime to talk to someone who you can trust and actually say, ‘You know, whether that was an amazing visit’ or to kick your shoes off with, have a cup of tea and actually be yourself rather than being an actor playing yourself.”

In an emotional and heartfelt televised statement to the world, Kate confirmed her diagnosis, back in March and spoke of “an incredibly tough couple of months for our entire family”. But in a sign of her incredible bravery, the princess issued a message of hope for those also facing their own battle, saying: “For everyone facing this disease, in whatever form, please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone.”

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