Shocker: Dean Wicks Set to Exit EastEnders?

EastEnders – Is Dean Wicks leaving the show?

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EastEnders spoilers follow from Thursday’s (April 11) episode, which hasn’t yet aired on BBC One.

EastEnders aired an arrest for Dean Wicks in the show’s latest episode, but is he leaving the show?

Dean has become embroiled in Keanu Taylor’s murder investigation, after Stacey Slater spotted an opportunity to get him out of Walford for good.

Stacey, Linda, Kathy, Denise and Suki have been forced to think on their feet following the discovery of Keanu’s body last week and Sharon Watts’ subsequent arrest.

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With emotions running high, The Six began to turn on each other, as Suki and Kathy decided to keep the murder weapon as leverage should they ever need it in the future.

Believing it was only a matter of time before she got caught, a devastated Linda decided to cut her losses and hand herself in.

Although Linda had emotionally accepted her fate, Stacey came up with a new idea which could see all six of the women walk free anyway.

suki kaur panesar, kathy beale, eastenders

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After learning of Dean’s latest sinister behaviour involving his daughter Jade, Stacey became determined that he would face the consequences of his actions in one way or another.

She later planted the murder weapon in his kitchen, while Johnny wrote out a false witness statement for Suki to deliver using a burner phone, which would point the police in Dean’s direction.

Despite this, Linda ultimately decided to take matters into her own hands and made the ultimate sacrifice for The Six.

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She headed to the police station alone and gave them a fabricated story that painted Dean as the primary suspect for Keanu’s murder.

Linda insisted that she had seen Dean carrying something heavy into the cafe on Christmas Day evening, even describing the tarpaulin they had used to wrap Keanu’s body in.

When the police started asking why Linda originally withheld this information, she remained calm and insisted she couldn’t allow her best friend Sharon to go down for a crime she didn’t commit. She also told the police how terrified she was of Dean, who had raped her 10 years ago.

linda carter, dean wicks, eastenders


Linda’s statement was enough to encourage the police to arrest Dean, who was taken away in front of his devastated daughter Jade.

As Dean protested his innocence down at the station, the police searched his flat and discovered the murder weapon Stacey had planted.

During the interview, it was also suggested that Dean’s exit plan with Jade would also be used against him, especially as he hadn’t booked a return flight home.

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Dean was horrified when the police went on to inform him that the meat thermometer had been found in his home, which fitted the description of the weapon used to kill Keanu.

He soon realised that Linda had set him up and exploded into a fit of rage, but is Dean about to be punished at last?

That remains to be seen, but spoilers for next week have offered a glimpse into the aftermath of his arrest.

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As The Six meet to make their plan watertight, Jean is left to comfort a distraught Jade, who is struggling to comprehend Dean’s actions.

Looking further ahead, Jade will be seeking to find the truth about Dean in an episode airing on Thursday, April 25, suggesting that his story isn’t over quite yet. However, it does seem likely that Dean is facing a bleak future in prison.

Fans have long suspected that Dean’s return wouldn’t be permanent, and after he escaped becoming the mystery Christmas death victim, it did seem like his days in Walford would still be numbered.

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