Dean Wicks’ poisoning of daughter Jade Masood discovered in EastEnders – and it’s not by Jean Slater

Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) has been tampering with ill daughter Jade Masood’s (Elizabeth Green) medication in recent EastEnders scenes, and was recently caught out by horrified Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

However, she is not the only one to grow suspicious in coming episodes, when Dean’s behaviour sparks concern for Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman).

Getting Harvey to believe that Jean wasn’t well was a small part of Dean’s plot to place the blame on her for Jade’s declining health, and in upcoming scenes Harvey shares his concerns about Jean with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

After setting up an Easter egg hunt for the kids, Harvey persuades Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) to invite Jade so that he can keep an eye on her, and get reassurance that Jade is on the mend.

Harvey's suspicions piqued by Dean in EastEnders
Harvey confronts Dean (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

However, when Dean discovers that she is at No.31, he reacts badly, which leaves Harvey suspicious.

When Dean posts a slanderous message about Harvey on an online community page, Harvey wastes no time in confronting him.

He is backed up by Honey and Billy Mitchell (Emma Barton and Perry Fenwick), who vouch for his character, and soon Harvey swears to get to the bottom of what Dean is doing to Jade.

Dean’s post makes quite an impact among the community, but not in the way he hopes for, and he is soon given a dressing down in Peggy’s by Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams), who shares some home truths about his behaviour and soon convinces him to delete the post.

Afterwards, Dean heads to No.45 to sell his share of Beale’s Eels to Cindy and Ian Beale (Michelle Collins and Adam Woodyatt), before telling Jade about a trip to New York that he’s booked for them both.

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