EastEnders star Heather Peace dishes on Eve’s revenge story

EastEnders star Heather Peace has opened up about her character Eve Unwin’s big revenge storyline.

Eve is currently having an affair with Suki behind her husband Nish’s back, but she’s determined to get him out of the picture altogether.

To do this, Eve tells local copper Jack Branning that she wants to team up with him to get Nish nicked over his money laundering – even if it means putting herself at risk.

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“Eve is absolutely head over heels and she believes that they are soul mates. But ultimately, Suki hasn’t said the three magic words to her yet so she’s feeling dreadfully insecure,” the actress explained.

“They’ve been together for a while now, and Eve discovers that Nish and Suki are still being intimate so I would say she’s pretty insanely jealous.”

Peace continued: “I think at the beginning of their relationship she was willing to take the bits that she could, but as they’ve got further into the relationship it’s got a bit harder to take.”

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Next week, Eve and Suki return from their work trip and are besotted with each other, but Eve’s happiness is cut short when she’s reminded that Suki is still with Nish.

“She absolutely detests the man, there is nothing else to it. There’s no grey area there, and Eve also knows that there is an element of coercive control from Nish towards Suki,” Peace explained.

“I think Eve probably knew that they were still sharing a bed, but I don’t think Eve fully contemplates it until Vinny hints at it and says it out loud in The Vic. That’s when it really is confirmed for Eve and that’s pretty awful for her to take.”

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